art 8/52 – off to portland!


as you read this, i am on an airplane to the city of roses! it’s been a dream of mine for the past couple of years to go to oregon, specifically portland. maybe it’s cliche, but it just seems like such an interesting a weird place. that’s a good thing! i like and relate to weird. we’ll see if it lives up to my expectations. :)

i’m actually heading there on business – i’ll be assisting a dc-area set designer (just like i did here) during tech week of one of his regional shows. we’ll be shut away in the theater for quite a bit of time, but on my downtime i’m going to see as many different places as i can. i want to experience all the food and shops and just soak it all in. and hello, i am NOT leaving without stopping by voodoo doughnuts. at least once.

and as for this bike? well, portland is one of the nation’s most bike-friendly cities. and can you tell i’m itching for spring? mother earth, bring me flowers!

have you ever been to portland? i’m going to spend most of my time in the northwest part of downtown, right around burnside. any recommendations? i’ll try to add them to my itinerary!


art 5/52 – love


getting in the mood for valentine’s day! playing with gouache, masking fluid and white ink. i also made this a desktop download to get your computer in the lovin’ mood. click here to download the high-res version!

art 1/52: self-portrait




self-portrait. (no, i don’t really have blue hair. but i wish.) 10″ x 12″ / media: micron, gouache, watercolor pencil.

a fun practice piece with pan gouache and playing with wacky colors.

ps, i need tips on photographing flat work like this. anyone have any suggestions? let me know in the comments! thanks!