art 9 + 10/52 – my travel sketchbook

whew. ok guys, for real. i’m back. all my traveling is finished and i’m settled back into the district. i definitely did not plan ahead as much as i needed to, so i apologize for the lack of posts. but here’s a new art post that covers two weeks…my travel sketchbook! i have never really done anything like this, but on my first evening in portland i bought a new sketchbook and on a whim decided that i was going to draw out my experience each day. this endeavor was very successful in portland, less so in cincinnati — but it was still great fun. i only filled up half the book, so i think i’ll keep it handy for my future trips and continue my little ritual.

here are some of the pages!

52art-week11-pdx1i got this silly donna wilson cat at woonwinkel. i first heard about that shop on designlovefest and was so happy to be able to visit! and this day was a huge food day: food trucks, bubble tea (which was more like a bubble smoothie! amazing), ice cream from salt & straw, and dinner at clyde common. ohhhhhh clyde common. words for you to mull over in your head: chèvre rice pudding with butter fried carrot cake.


i visited this wonderful little shop called flora. they offered me tea there, which was totally needed on a chilly grey day.


my good friend and college roommate corinne drove up to portland from ashland for two days and we visited voodoo doughnuts for the first time. and it is all it’s cracked up to be. my favorite was definitely “captain my captain” (pictured above): doughnut with vanilla frosting topped with cap’n crunch cereal.


i met an interesting lady one afternoon while waiting for the trolley. well, more accurately: she talked at me nonstop for the seven minutes i was waiting for the trolley.52art-week11-pdx5

to all book lovers: stop whatever you’re doing and get your butt to powell’s. you will not regret it. four floors of books (and this is just one building – there are four locations total), extremely well organized, great selection, normal prices. tons of gems hidden on many shelves. on a scale of one to five stars, i would give it a nine.


cincinnati: i only drew one day. whoops. mostly because i’d be so dead tired by the end of the day that i didn’t have any energy to draw. regardless: goetta. if you haven’t tried it you must find a way! it’s a german-inspired sausage local to cincinnati made of pork and steel cut oats. sounds weird, but it’s totally delicious. i tried it at taste of belgium, where i ended up eating breakfast four times.