recipe 9/52 – whole wheat chicken pot pie with kale


yes, i’m definitely back on track with posts this week. in celebration of pi day (3/14) i made chicken pot pie! well if we’re being honest here, i had acknowledged pi day earlier in the week but i didn’t deliberately make pie on pi day…it was a random coincidence! i only realized it after our landlords shared some berry pie with us. (yes, my landlords are awesome.)

i found this recipe in the most recent copy of anthology, but it’s originally from the yellow table. i really love getting anthology in the mail – it is truly a delight when a copy arrives. i only wish it happened more than four times a year.

anyway, onto the pie: i chose this recipe mostly because 1) it’s a tiny version of something, and everyone should know by now that i love miniatures, 2) it looked pretty darn delicious in the photographs, and 3) i have been looking for an excuse to buy ramekins. the prep wasn’t too difficult. i made the simple buttery whole wheat crust the night before to lessen prep time on meal day. i also picked up a rotisserie chicken from whole foods instead of cooking the chicken from scratch, and that saved a lot of time. now i’m inspired to try other types of pie in this form. imagine blueberry pie made like this, and then once out of the oven you poke a hole in the crust and drop in a scoop of vanilla ice cream. HELLO.

i think this would be a great meal for a small (or large!) group of friends. i guess it depends on how many ramekins you have…friends, beware! hah, i’m just kidding. but on a serious note, i can’t get over the cute muffin-top crusts. now i want to cover everything i eat with a thin layer of crust and bake it to perfection.