a new chapter


wow. i thought the craziness would be over by the beginning of last week…but it didn’t end. it finally cooled down last friday when my show opened! and now my fellowship is finished. so now what? well, in my last post i mentioned finding the perfect job…guess what? i got it! i’m going to be working as a display coordinator at anthropologie! i had dreamt of applying for this job for a few years (basically as soon as i realized it existed) and finally the perfectly timed opportunity presented itself to me. it couldn’t have worked out better. i start tomorrow and i seriously cannot believe it’s happening!

i plan to pick up with posting again now that i have a steady schedule. sorry for the haitus guys, i hope i haven’t lost too many readers! i missed you. :)

and by the way everybody, happy spring! although it feels like summer today in the district…


giftwrap roundup

wrapping gifts is probably one of my favorite holiday pasttimes…no, really, i’m serious! my boyfriend is always bewildered by the fact that i’m almost more excited to wrap the present than the actual present itself. hey, if i’m given a chance to be creative and make a mini work of art…i’m game! here are a few ideas from around the web that i love and may use this holiday season…

.photocopying vintage paintings and wrapping them with twine, from something’s hiding in here’s photostream

simple paper with a section of a puzzle (glue it so it doesn’t fall apart), from hilda granhat’s instagram

furoshiki, aka artfully wrapping gifts with fabric, can also serve as part of the gift, from martha stewart

let the paper speak for itself, like this fun number from anthropologie (i love ev-ery-thing they’re selling for holiday packaging!)

stay tuned for a couple diy projects! :) happy wrapping, y’all!

anthropologie display workshop!

yesterday i went to my neighborhood anthropologie store and participated in one of their holiday workshops! we helped the display coordinator (a super nice gal) make some fun crafts that will be used in their holiday displays and windows. apparently they have done these in the past, but this was my first time hearing about them. (it might have to do with the fact that for the past four years i haven’t live very close to one.) you can look for scheduled events on their website. i had so much fun that i signed up for next week’s event.

we made polyhedral ornaments our of bristol spray painted with a lace pattern, yarn fringe in pretty wintry colors, and birch logs. how cool are the logs?! we glued strips of birch bark to a chicken wire frame encased by masking tape. i love the crafty but still convincing result!

it was just so inspiring- i wanted to go home and craft for the rest of the day! (actually, i did – ha!) and it was lovely conversing with all the ladies i met while there. so fun. goodness. what if theaters did community workshops like this? i don’t think it could work for every theater company, nor could it work for every show, but it would be a fun experiment, don’t you think?

i cannot wait to see the final displays. i will post pictures for sure!

have any of you ever participated in one of the workshops? what did you make?

photos are from my instagram.