happy weekend!



hi everyone! are you glad it’s (almost) the weekend? i am. i’ve been sick all week with stomach flu, and if i haven’t been sleeping or resting i’ve been working on a rough design for a set that’s due today.

i have definitely neglected posting here this week, but that is not something i plan on continuing. i will be traveling on and off for the next three weeks though, so i’ve definitely got to think ahead! i’ve got a few changes in the works for the blog (maybe you’ve noticed the name change at the top? the url will change soon as well, so keep your eyes peeled for that — though i will definitely let you guys know) so stay tuned. in the meantime, i’ll try my best to get a recipe up sometime this weekend, though i have to admit i haven’t felt like cooking all week! it’s been chicken broth, saltines and applesauce for me, y’all.

anyway, valentine’s day was this week! jeff and i didn’t do anything that day because working at a theater all evening and i was working at home and/or bedridden. but we’re doing something awesome tomorrow: we are going splurge and make kraft mac & cheese and buy ingredients to make decadent ice cream sundaes — if my stomach permits, of course! and probably light candles, because we like candles. not ’cause it’s romantic or anything. psh. ew. :)

did you do anything fun and romantic for v-day? or did you avoid it like the plague? or did you nonchalantly carry on with your day without a care? let me know in the comments! and have a great weekend!

(images: jorey hurley and kate spade, editing and text done by me.)


elsie larson’s project life


i saw this on a blog i frequently read called a beautiful mess and i just had to share this. elsie larson, who writes on the blog, started this fun endeavor called “project life.” it’s like scrapbooking made easy. i haven’t heard of it before, have you? it seems pretty cool!

20130213projectlife3i can really relate to elsie’s post on her own project. when i was in middle school i used to scrapbook a lot. i wasn’t a serious hobbyist, but it allowed me to hoard cool decorative paper and stickers (well, i still kinda do that) and then pleasingly arrange photos of me and my friends onto a page. but then one day i just had too much stuff, i got seriously backed up with the amount of photos i wanted to print and use, and it stopped fulfilling me. (oh yeah, and then i moved halfway across the country, from new jersey to minnesota, but that’s another story.)

20130213projectlife2the pre-sized photo pockets make layout decisions non-existent – you just print, compose, and assemble! i love how elsie combined complementary patterns and writing. it really makes her pages become a work of art without all the scrapbooky fuss. maybe scrapbooking isn’t a fuss, but that’s what it eventually became to me. however, this project has my head cocked with intrigue…maybe i’ll give this a try sometime.

how do you store and share your photographic memories? any diehard traditional scrapbooking fans out there?

art 7/52 – postcard collages



some fun collages i made on postcards i’ve been hoarding. that’s mr. claude monet on the left, y’all. he’s a cool guy. i got the left and right postcards while i was in france four — oh excuse me, FIVE years ago. (where does the time go?) the middle postcard came from an awesome place in greensboro, nc called elsewhere collaborative. then i embellished them with stickers, stamps, and paper. it was a silly fun project, and super relaxing amid an approaching deadline…


recipe 6/52 – real simple’s gouda burger with fennel onion relish


i was a bit defeated after my real simple recipe from last week wasn’t a hit, so i thought i’d give them a go again. i needed to prove to myself that real simple is awesome! and boy, they did not disappoint! this is another recipe pulled from my binder of to-try recipes. yeah, it’s a keeper. yes, it’s red meat and yes, it’s sweet potatoes slathered in olive oil…not the healthiest. but i bought lean ground beef and whole wheat burger buns, so it kind of evens out. right? right.

gouda burgers with fennel onion relish. that just SOUNDS good, doesn’t it? the fennel onion relish is a really unique touch. it’s all just tossed in lemon juice, olive oil and salt and pepper. i had actually never touched let alone cooked a fennel in my life, so it was fun to figure it out and use a totally new ingredient. it’s amazing how much they smell like licorice (but they don’t taste like it…otherwise i would hate them with a fiery passion). all the flavors complement each other really well and the sweet potato fries are just perfect. i didn’t peel the skin off because i love when sweet potato fries in restaurants still have their skin…it makes them extra crunchy.

so besides this meal being AWESOME, guess how long it took me? from start to finish, including all the vegetable cutting and ingredient measuring, it took me exactly 30 minutes. talk about fast. and talk about how i’m gonna make burgers more often. oh yes please.

note: i didn’t realize how similar the styling of my photo was to theirs…whoops! i promise i wasn’t trying to copy, i was just trying to get the best angle to feature the juicy burger! i’ll be more careful with that next time. :)


“katachi” music video

Shugo Tokumaru “Katachi” from Kijek / Adamski on Vimeo.

wow, this is impressive. this is a new music video from a japanese artist named shugo tokumaru. when i first watched it i thought each piece had been cut out by hand with an x-acto knife and i cried (not really…but i felt their pain. i’ve been there, dude). but i just read the description and the shapes were apparently cut out of pvc using a computer-controlled cutter. i sighed with relief (for them) and my fingers hurt less, i had less blisters, i was still sane…all good things. regardless of how it was done, the detail is exquisite! take the three minutes and fully immerse yourself in this…it’s worth it.

found via this is colossal.

art 6/52 – sparta fold v camera



sparta fold v – 8″ x11″, conté crayon on cardboard.

okay, so i guess we like cameras in this house! i own four functional cameras, my boyfriend has a digital camera (…somewhere), and we bought two vintage cameras just like this one at a flea market quite a while ago. i’m not sure if they work, although i suppose it would be possible to get them working. either way, they’re pretty cool! we like displaying them on a weird shelf that we have that sits just below our kitchen ceiling. we keep photographs and small pieces of art up there as well. as for the materials used, i saved these conté crayons from a drawing class i had in freshman year of college, but i’ve barely used them since the class. but i love how they look! i also keep pieces of cardboard to draw/paint/play on and of course i’ve barely experimented with them until now.

i’m happy with this little piece. it’s just a sketch but it was fun and relaxing to do.

this weekend: new york city ballet


hi everyone! did you have a nice weekend? i just got back from a quick trip to new jersey (my homeland) and the big apple. the main event of the weekend was seeing three wonderful pieces at the new york city ballet with a dear friend. the performances were: glass pieces (music by philip glass, choreography by jerome robbins), year of the rabbit (music by sufjan stevens, choreography by justin peck), and vienna waltzes (music by johann strauss jr., franz lehar, and richard strauss, choreography by george balanchine).

if you don’t already know, i am a HUGE sufjan stevens fan (actually the word “huge” doesn’t even begin to cover it), so when i found out that a ballet piece was being produced i jumped at the chance to see it. it is set to seven songs from an album called run rabbit run, which is music from sufjan’s electronica album enjoy your rabbit arranged for strings by a group called osso. i like the string version MUCH better — sorry suf — so i was delighted that that was the chosen music…although ballet set to the electronica version would be pretty interesting! i am also an enthusiastic fan of phllip glass, so seeing dance set to some of his music in the same performance was an added bonus!

i also spent the whole weekend away from the computer which was TOTALLY needed. i felt very relaxed. also, i got an awesomely large cupcake at crumbs bakery — which was ALSO TOTALLY needed. :)

i’ll be back tomorrow with a fun sketch!

image by paul kolnik, sourced here.

recipe 5/52 – asparagus ricotta pizza


if i ever want to make a recipe that i KNOW is going to be good, i immediately go to the well-known magazine real simple. i can’t complain about a single meal i’ve made using their recipes, and my favorite vegetarian chili hails from their pages. i’ve ripped out a number of pages to save for future meals, and their asparagus ricotta pizza is one of them.

surprise: honestly, i can’t say this was my favorite. although i love each ingredient individually, it wasn’t too memorable when put all together. in my opinion it was missing one vital thing: sauce. the recipe didn’t call for anything of the sort- just a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkling of salt and pepper. i’ve tried making pizza a few different times without sauce and i never seem to be satisfied…i guess i just love red sauce way too much! to remedy this disappointment my boyfriend suggested adding whole peeled tomatoes, and that did the trick. it added that trademark acidy tang. the topping of arugula drizzled with lemon juice did help in the flavor department…but i think next time i’ll add some red sauce.


but i can’t say it was BAD either. i mean, how tasty and fresh does that look? and my boyfriend made whole-wheat pizza dough from scratch. can’t go wrong there.

veredict: the recipe is a great base — elevate it with your own personal touches and enjoy some darn tootin’ good pizza! if you try it out, let me know what different ingredients you add!

photo 5/52 – where i work



this is my tiny studio viewed from my (also tiny) kitchen. it’s where i spend most of my waking hours. the light coming in from the window inspired me to get out my tripod and play with slower shutter speeds and the ioshutter remote/app i got for christmas. i love that it conveniently connects to my iphone, since that thing hardly leaves my sight.

where do you spend most of your time? have you ever photographed it? somehow this photograph slightly changes my perspective of this humble room.

arrow & apple’s “study of light”


here’s something fun: i signed up for a photography e-course called “study of light” given by photographer and blogger sarah rhodes of the blog arrow & apple. i just recently discovered her work, and it’s lovely. (see above. so dreamy and innocent, right? also, i want that car.) since one of my “52 weeks” projects is all about photography, i thought this would be a fitting investment. photography is obviously very powerful visually and emotionally, and i’d love to improve my skill in order to better document my life and work. wouldn’t we all? if you’re interested in improving your photography skills but don’t have time to commit to a weekly scheduled class or would just prefer to work in the comfort of your own home, check this out!

(images: arrow & apple)