photo 2/52: gemstones & minerals




hello there! how was your weekend? i celebrated the opening of my first professional show with an extended weekend full of nothing but exploring, yummy food, movies & cuddles in bed and overall relaxation. i treated myself to a trip to the national museum of natural history on the national mall, and my favorite exhibit by far was the gemstones & minerals. so many different colors, shapes, textures – it was very inspiring. here’s one of my favorite displays. i think i’m going to submit this photograph to things organized neatly. (check out that site. if you love order and consider yourself slightly ocd, you’ll thank me. even if you just like pretty things displayed in an orderly fashion, you’ll still thank me.)

have a great week! i’ll be back with posts for the third week of my project, and maybe an additional post or two. :)


art 2/52: the show-off


i am proud to present the set i designed for the american century theater’s production of the show-off, written by george kelly and directed by stephen jarrett! it opens tonight at 8pm in arlington, va. this is a project to which i’ve been contributing a great deal of creativity and energy this past week. i started designing it back in september, and now that it’s open my commitment is finally over. i’m eager to get professional photographs of it so i can formally update my portfolio, but for now i’ve got this photo to show you. if you’re in the dc area, check out this amusing play – it performs until february 2.

(thanks to jonathan hudspeth for building it, joshua rosenblum for sourcing props, and to brooke robbins and jeffrey dorfman for helping me paint it)


i love…


i have loved instant photos for as long as i can remember. when i was a kid i used to have a big bulky polaroid camera. skip forward about a decade and now i have the fuji instax mini. i love it! it’s super fun for a quick snapshot when you want something more artful and memorable than a phone pic. even though i’ve had the camera for about two years i scanned in some of my shots for the first time yesterday!

the first three photos are from art-o-matic 2012, a crazy fun arts festival that happens every other year or so in the dc area. (artists of the sculptures unknown – if you happen to know, please notify me so i may properly credit their work!) the flowers are from olney theatre center, the beach photo is from my beloved jersey shore, and the last photo is me and two lovely ladies on the closing night of the cirkus theatre project.

do you have an instant camera? what’s your favorite subject to photograph?

anthropologie display workshop!

yesterday i went to my neighborhood anthropologie store and participated in one of their holiday workshops! we helped the display coordinator (a super nice gal) make some fun crafts that will be used in their holiday displays and windows. apparently they have done these in the past, but this was my first time hearing about them. (it might have to do with the fact that for the past four years i haven’t live very close to one.) you can look for scheduled events on their website. i had so much fun that i signed up for next week’s event.

we made polyhedral ornaments our of bristol spray painted with a lace pattern, yarn fringe in pretty wintry colors, and birch logs. how cool are the logs?! we glued strips of birch bark to a chicken wire frame encased by masking tape. i love the crafty but still convincing result!

it was just so inspiring- i wanted to go home and craft for the rest of the day! (actually, i did – ha!) and it was lovely conversing with all the ladies i met while there. so fun. goodness. what if theaters did community workshops like this? i don’t think it could work for every theater company, nor could it work for every show, but it would be a fun experiment, don’t you think?

i cannot wait to see the final displays. i will post pictures for sure!

have any of you ever participated in one of the workshops? what did you make?

photos are from my instagram.

rain in the city

it’s raining in dc this morning, and it is supposed to continue into the night. that definitely makes my soul happy. luckily i don’t have to go anywhere today, so the wonderful pit-pat-pit of the droplets can continue as today’s soundtrack. i might kick it up with some drowsy cafe music, but for now i’m content with just this.

i am selling my old digital camera with the goal of saving up for my first dslr. actually, all of my cameras have been either hand-me-downs or gifts, so this will be the first camera that i’ll buy for myself. very exciting. i am thinking about this one. what do you think?

photo by irina bolotova.

let’s begin, shall we?


well i’ve been sitting on this blog for months gathering ideas, brainstorming, learning the technical side, and really just ruminating. i’ve been hesitant to start because i really don’t know where to start, and as a result i’ve put it off. well poo on that idea. i’m just going to start, and we’ll see where it goes.

my hopes for this blog? i don’t really know right now. it’s definitely going to start out as a personal blog as i document the first chapter of my life post-college. i think the best option is to let the direction evolve on its own.

a little more about me: i graduated from college in may with a bfa in theatrical set design. woo hoo! immediately following graduation i moved to the washington, dc area and i’m soon starting a 9-month fellowship. can’t wait! i was out of town for 6 weeks and just returned two days ago, so i’m getting reacquainted with the city even though i was barely acquainted with it in the first place. :) so here’s to exploring and adventures and lots of new things!

i know i probably have two readers right now, but is anyone from dc? any cool recommendations out and about in the city? (or in maryland or north va!)