travel frenzy!


Hi everyone! The lack of posts may be telling- I’m having a pretty great time traveling around! I was in Portland, OR for nine days and experienced some amazing food, places and people. It’s a great city- I’ll post some pictures soon! Now I’m in Cincinnati for a week. I’ve been quite busy working on these trips as well as staying on top of my own design work. Designs for my own show were due while I was in Portland, so if I wasn’t in the theater working on tech or exploring the city, I was drafting. It was my first time designing on the road and I learned a lot from the experience.

Now that all my designs have been turned in I plan to get back to regular posting. I have an art post planned, I just need to photograph it. I started a fun little project while I was in Portland and I plan on continuing it in Cincinnati- you’ll see soon. :)

Oh yeah, and that picture above is from me at the famous Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland. It’s a must-visit if you’re ever in Portland. It lives up to the hype!


this weekend: new york city ballet


hi everyone! did you have a nice weekend? i just got back from a quick trip to new jersey (my homeland) and the big apple. the main event of the weekend was seeing three wonderful pieces at the new york city ballet with a dear friend. the performances were: glass pieces (music by philip glass, choreography by jerome robbins), year of the rabbit (music by sufjan stevens, choreography by justin peck), and vienna waltzes (music by johann strauss jr., franz lehar, and richard strauss, choreography by george balanchine).

if you don’t already know, i am a HUGE sufjan stevens fan (actually the word “huge” doesn’t even begin to cover it), so when i found out that a ballet piece was being produced i jumped at the chance to see it. it is set to seven songs from an album called run rabbit run, which is music from sufjan’s electronica album enjoy your rabbit arranged for strings by a group called osso. i like the string version MUCH better — sorry suf — so i was delighted that that was the chosen music…although ballet set to the electronica version would be pretty interesting! i am also an enthusiastic fan of phllip glass, so seeing dance set to some of his music in the same performance was an added bonus!

i also spent the whole weekend away from the computer which was TOTALLY needed. i felt very relaxed. also, i got an awesomely large cupcake at crumbs bakery — which was ALSO TOTALLY needed. :)

i’ll be back tomorrow with a fun sketch!

image by paul kolnik, sourced here.

art 2/52: the show-off


i am proud to present the set i designed for the american century theater’s production of the show-off, written by¬†george kelly and directed by stephen jarrett! it opens tonight at 8pm in arlington, va. this is a project to which i’ve been contributing a great deal of creativity and energy this past week. i started designing it back in september, and now that it’s open my commitment is finally over. i’m eager to get professional photographs of it so i can formally update my portfolio, but for now i’ve got this photo to show you. if you’re in the dc area, check out this amusing play – it performs until february 2.

(thanks to jonathan hudspeth for building it, joshua rosenblum for sourcing props, and to brooke robbins and jeffrey dorfman for helping me paint it)


the cirkus theatre project

i updated my portfolio with the project i worked on over the summer: the cirkus theatre project! it was sponsored by cirque du soleil and representatives from their montreal headquarters came to see the performance. it was so much fun, and i’m so glad i got the opportunity to work on it.

the young girl was played by my wonderful friend piper hayes. she choreographed the whole piece too. her costume was made by the super talented costume design and technology students at uncsa, and i hand painted each stripe! talk about custom made. it was my first experience designing a costume and i loved it! it was also my first time designing projections…check out a peek of them in the photo above!

see more photos and read about the full project and the rest of the design credits over here.

photos by brent lafever.


good morning everyone. (everyone being my one…two readers? are you out there? hello!)

i know i haven’t quite kept up with posts but i am going to change that. i really haven’t found a direction yet, and i’m also doubting the name of my blog. but that’s expected i guess. what i have learned is that i am a creature of routine and schedule, and until i get into a groove with this blog i’ll have to create and stick to a weekly schedule.

until i figure THAT out, here’s what’s happening! i am currently in norfolk, va, assisting a set designer on a production of “fences” at virginia stage company. the scenery is gigantic!

like i said...giganticin-progress brick “buildings” stand tall while the designer and director discuss entrances from the stairs.

also, i discovered this gem in the prop shop:

i’m inspired to make my own. i’m almost not joking about that.

it has been a fun and educational trip. i’ll be returning to dc tomorrow to do some studio work and start on a couple projects of my own.

happy friday everyone…enjoy your weekend!