elsie larson’s project life


i saw this on a blog i frequently read called a beautiful mess and i just had to share this. elsie larson, who writes on the blog, started this fun endeavor called “project life.” it’s like scrapbooking made easy. i haven’t heard of it before, have you? it seems pretty cool!

20130213projectlife3i can really relate to elsie’s post on her own project. when i was in middle school i used to scrapbook a lot. i wasn’t a serious hobbyist, but it allowed me to hoard cool decorative paper and stickers (well, i still kinda do that) and then pleasingly arrange photos of me and my friends onto a page. but then one day i just had too much stuff, i got seriously backed up with the amount of photos i wanted to print and use, and it stopped fulfilling me. (oh yeah, and then i moved halfway across the country, from new jersey to minnesota, but that’s another story.)

20130213projectlife2the pre-sized photo pockets make layout decisions non-existent – you just print, compose, and assemble! i love how elsie combined complementary patterns and writing. it really makes her pages become a work of art without all the scrapbooky fuss. maybe scrapbooking isn’t a fuss, but that’s what it eventually became to me. however, this project has my head cocked with intrigue…maybe i’ll give this a try sometime.

how do you store and share your photographic memories? any diehard traditional scrapbooking fans out there?


photo 5/52 – where i work



this is my tiny studio viewed from my (also tiny) kitchen. it’s where i spend most of my waking hours. the light coming in from the window inspired me to get out my tripod and play with slower shutter speeds and the ioshutter remote/app i got for christmas. i love that it conveniently connects to my iphone, since that thing hardly leaves my sight.

where do you spend most of your time? have you ever photographed it? somehow this photograph slightly changes my perspective of this humble room.

arrow & apple’s “study of light”


here’s something fun: i signed up for a photography e-course called “study of light” given by photographer and blogger sarah rhodes of the blog arrow & apple. i just recently discovered her work, and it’s lovely. (see above. so dreamy and innocent, right? also, i want that car.) since one of my “52 weeks” projects is all about photography, i thought this would be a fitting investment. photography is obviously very powerful visually and emotionally, and i’d love to improve my skill in order to better document my life and work. wouldn’t we all? if you’re interested in improving your photography skills but don’t have time to commit to a weekly scheduled class or would just prefer to work in the comfort of your own home, check this out!

(images: arrow & apple)

photo 4/52 – finally winter



it’s finally winter here in washington dc. it seems like winter hit the entire east coat at the exact same time. we’ve had two separate snowfalls in the last 48 hours and it’s left us with about an inch of snow each time. i know this is hardly accumulation compared to some areas of the country…but i’m still diggin’ it! i love hearing the crunch under my boots.

i hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! i will be posting my recipe at some point during the weekend…sunday is my birthday and i’m going to bake something awesome! i haven’t decided what yet…but i’m going to do some recipe research and post it here by monday morning. :)

first prints from my diana f+!

just got my first two rolls of film taken with my diana f+ back from philadelphia photographics…they didn’t turn out half bad! i occasionally forgot to change the focus and aperture settings so some of my photos are blurry and dark. but here’s a selection of some of the better photos…can’t wait to do some more experimenting!









these two photos above are from the beginning of my first roll. i pretty clumsily loaded it into the camera, so i think some of the film got exposed…i’m kinda bummed about it, especially because the photo of the bear in front of the phillips collection looks like it’d be pretty sweet. but on the other hand, i don’t really mind it…




photo 2/52: gemstones & minerals




hello there! how was your weekend? i celebrated the opening of my first professional show with an extended weekend full of nothing but exploring, yummy food, movies & cuddles in bed and overall relaxation. i treated myself to a trip to the national museum of natural history on the national mall, and my favorite exhibit by far was the gemstones & minerals. so many different colors, shapes, textures – it was very inspiring. here’s one of my favorite displays. i think i’m going to submit this photograph to things organized neatly. (check out that site. if you love order and consider yourself slightly ocd, you’ll thank me. even if you just like pretty things displayed in an orderly fashion, you’ll still thank me.)

have a great week! i’ll be back with posts for the third week of my project, and maybe an additional post or two. :)

52 weeks project: begin!

hey all! it’s the third day of 2013 – how are your resolutions going? are you kickin it into high gear? i hope so!

concerning my resolutions: i thought about them some more and i decided to kind of morph them into one entity. as i stated i am going to do a “52 weeks project,” but i’m going to expand it! along with 52 photos, i will also be doing 52 pieces of art and learning 52 new recipes – one each week. holy cow. what am i getting myself into? hopefully something wonderful!

i’d love to have some sort of theme for each week, but at first i’m just going to try to get into the habit of doing it. we’ll see where it goes. all right?


week 1: new beginnings.

we’re attempting to grow herbs on our windowsill in the winter. i know it’s kind of silly, but this little guy made it, didn’t he? the other ones we planted haven’t sprouted yet. maybe they won’t, and that’s okay. we’re just happy to see at least one make it!

for this mini photo shoot i was playing around with my macro +3 lens filter. i don’t quite have the money to afford a macro lens, so this’ll do until that day comes! the filter works pretty well. it doesn’t get ya quite as close as a macro lens would, but it makes a significant difference. (side note: i think i spy a piece of dust on my lens. whoops. gotta fix that!)

any winter gardening tips? we love fresh herbs! let me know in the comments below. :)

i love… diana f+


look what i got in the mail this week! it’s the popular and very cute diana f+ from lomography. photography has kind of become my new hobby. as mentioned in an earlier post, i have always enjoyed photography but never really kept up the habit. but i’m trying to change that (to justify my newly purchased cameras – yes, that’s plural). i’ve taken the camera out for a spin already and i plan to finish my first roll today in old towne alexandria.

the camera itself is extremely lightweight and fun to handle. it is definitely designed to allow you to be creative. the mechanism doesn’t require that you wind the film after each exposure, so you’re free to take double or even triple exposures! some of the photos i’ve seen taken with this camera are really spectacular (check them out on lomography here) and i am eager to get my first roll developed. this is my first time using medium-format film as well. so excited!

any other photobugs reading this? what’s your favorite camera? any tips for this new-to-120-film girl?

i love…


i have loved instant photos for as long as i can remember. when i was a kid i used to have a big bulky polaroid camera. skip forward about a decade and now i have the fuji instax mini. i love it! it’s super fun for a quick snapshot when you want something more artful and memorable than a phone pic. even though i’ve had the camera for about two years i scanned in some of my shots for the first time yesterday!

the first three photos are from art-o-matic 2012, a crazy fun arts festival that happens every other year or so in the dc area. (artists of the sculptures unknown – if you happen to know, please notify me so i may properly credit their work!) the flowers are from olney theatre center, the beach photo is from my beloved jersey shore, and the last photo is me and two lovely ladies on the closing night of the cirkus theatre project.

do you have an instant camera? what’s your favorite subject to photograph?