hey all,

i will be on hiatus until further notice. it’s nothing bad; it’s just that when i started this blog back in january my life was very different. i am adjusting to my new (awesome) job and new lifestyle, and what i was doing for this blog isn’t the type of creative fulfillment i need anymore. thing is, i don’t know what my next publicly creative thing will be, and that’s why i’m taking a break. on top of all that, i’ll be moving in the next month to another apartment. i just want to focus on other things for now. thanks for being so supportive of my blogging thus far, and maybe i’ll be back soon!




happy weekend!



hi everyone! are you glad it’s (almost) the weekend? i am. i’ve been sick all week with stomach flu, and if i haven’t been sleeping or resting i’ve been working on a rough design for a set that’s due today.

i have definitely neglected posting here this week, but that is not something i plan on continuing. i will be traveling on and off for the next three weeks though, so i’ve definitely got to think ahead! i’ve got a few changes in the works for the blog (maybe you’ve noticed the name change at the top? the url will change soon as well, so keep your eyes peeled for that — though i will definitely let you guys know) so stay tuned. in the meantime, i’ll try my best to get a recipe up sometime this weekend, though i have to admit i haven’t felt like cooking all week! it’s been chicken broth, saltines and applesauce for me, y’all.

anyway, valentine’s day was this week! jeff and i didn’t do anything that day because working at a theater all evening and i was working at home and/or bedridden. but we’re doing something awesome tomorrow: we are going splurge and make kraft mac & cheese and buy ingredients to make decadent ice cream sundaes — if my stomach permits, of course! and probably light candles, because we like candles. not ’cause it’s romantic or anything. psh. ew. :)

did you do anything fun and romantic for v-day? or did you avoid it like the plague? or did you nonchalantly carry on with your day without a care? let me know in the comments! and have a great weekend!

(images: jorey hurley and kate spade, editing and text done by me.)

“katachi” music video

Shugo Tokumaru “Katachi” from Kijek / Adamski on Vimeo.

wow, this is impressive. this is a new music video from a japanese artist named shugo tokumaru. when i first watched it i thought each piece had been cut out by hand with an x-acto knife and i cried (not really…but i felt their pain. i’ve been there, dude). but i just read the description and the shapes were apparently cut out of pvc using a computer-controlled cutter. i sighed with relief (for them) and my fingers hurt less, i had less blisters, i was still sane…all good things. regardless of how it was done, the detail is exquisite! take the three minutes and fully immerse yourself in this…it’s worth it.

found via this is colossal.

art 3/52 – come on feel the illinoise!



come on feel the illinoise! original paper cut. inspired by¬†mathilde nivet’s tutorial in charlotte rivers’s hand made type workshop.

if don’t know it yet, you will: i love sufjan stevens. and i spend a lot of my time using an x-acto knife to make scale models for theatrical sets. this was a quick project that helped me escape from the tedious nature of most of the cutting i normally do.

hurricane sandy

well this week has been eventful to say the least. we were in the path of hurricane sandy, so we spent most of last weekend preparing for her arrival. we were fortunately spared damage and power loss. i cannot believe how lucky we were, and i am so grateful. however, the destruction widespread throughout new jersey, my home state, brings me nearly to tears. the precious new jersey shore…it will never be the same! and all the homes that were destroyed…it’s unreal. the destruction in new york, virginia, maryland, delaware and beyond is just as sad. my boyfriend and i know people who have lost their homes and, quite tragically, were killed by the storm. how awful. we are all at the mercy of mother nature…

sorry to be writing on such a grim note, but something like this definitely puts you in a different mindset. after the worst of it, i talked to friends i hadn’t spoken to in a while. i had to make sure everyone was all right, and many friends contacted me as well. it was so nice to hear from them.

i promise my next post will be on a much happier subject.

photo from this flickr stream.

all i want for christmas is sufjan

oh sufjan stevens, i adore you.

word just came out that there’ll be two christmasy sufjan concerts at the bowery ballroom in nyc in late december. yes please! tickets become available friday, and you know i’m gonna be one of the first to hit the “purchase” button. who wouldn’t want to go to a show entitled “the surfjohn stevens christmas sing-a-long seasonal affective disorder yuletide disaster pageant on ice?” i mean really. sounds like a crazy time! i’m stoked.

if you’ve ever gone to a sufjan show, what did you think? this will be my third show, and we’ll see if the “cry at least once” trend will continue. ;)