a new chapter


wow. i thought the craziness would be over by the beginning of last week…but it didn’t end. it finally cooled down last friday when my show opened! and now my fellowship is finished. so now what? well, in my last post i mentioned finding the perfect job…guess what? i got it! i’m going to be working as a display coordinator at anthropologie! i had dreamt of applying for this job for a few years (basically as soon as i realized it existed) and finally the perfectly timed opportunity presented itself to me. it couldn’t have worked out better. i start tomorrow and i seriously cannot believe it’s happening!

i plan to pick up with posting again now that i have a steady schedule. sorry for the haitus guys, i hope i haven’t lost too many readers! i missed you. :)

and by the way everybody, happy spring! although it feels like summer today in the district…




yikes! i feel like i am neglecting this little blog over here. truth be told, i’ve been working everyday since last friday, and i’m working right through the weekend into monday evening. next tuesday might offer me a little relief – maybe. but the good thing about it is starting saturday the work is all for my second dc-area show, which i can’t wait to share with you guys!

since my fellowship at the kennedy center is almost over (ten days!!) i am also in the process of applying to some jobs. i found one that is PERFECT and i am so excited about it (seriously, i am in an outrageously great mood this morning – the painting above perfectly describes what’s going on in my brain)- i hope it works out!

(image: painting by morgan blair. her work is beautiful, check it out!)

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travel frenzy!


Hi everyone! The lack of posts may be telling- I’m having a pretty great time traveling around! I was in Portland, OR for nine days and experienced some amazing food, places and people. It’s a great city- I’ll post some pictures soon! Now I’m in Cincinnati for a week. I’ve been quite busy working on these trips as well as staying on top of my own design work. Designs for my own show were due while I was in Portland, so if I wasn’t in the theater working on tech or exploring the city, I was drafting. It was my first time designing on the road and I learned a lot from the experience.

Now that all my designs have been turned in I plan to get back to regular posting. I have an art post planned, I just need to photograph it. I started a fun little project while I was in Portland and I plan on continuing it in Cincinnati- you’ll see soon. :)

Oh yeah, and that picture above is from me at the famous Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland. It’s a must-visit if you’re ever in Portland. It lives up to the hype!

art 1/52: self-portrait




self-portrait. (no, i don’t really have blue hair. but i wish.) 10″ x 12″ / media: micron, gouache, watercolor pencil.

a fun practice piece with pan gouache and playing with wacky colors.

ps, i need tips on photographing flat work like this. anyone have any suggestions? let me know in the comments! thanks!



last day of 2012. here we are. soon it’ll be 2013 – weird right? while i think and have always thought about my future a lot, i never really had a concrete thought past the idea of “2012.” i guess my biggest goal was to graduate from college. now that that’s done, i’ve gotta focus on whatever’s next. what’s next? i don’t know, but i’m excited to find out. i hope you all have some fun things ahead for you!

i have a couple new year resolutions. (actually i have more than i probably should, as i usually go crazy with this kind of thing – improvement! goals! ya know. i’m weird like that.) in the second half of 2012 i started running regularly and i’ve taken up photography…so in 2013 i want dive deeper into my new hobbies. i definitely want to run a 5k and i’m thinking of starting a “52 weeks” photography project. it’s kind of like the “365 project” except it’s only one photo a week…i know i’ll take more than one per week but i think that will be a less overwhelming goal for me. and now that i’ve started this blog, i really want to get it into high gear. i’d love to attend altitude design summit in january 2014. and of course most of us want to eat healthier…while i think i do an okay job of that already, i want to learn more healthy recipes. it’ll get me cooking more and i’ll discover new combinations and flavors along the way. plus, it’s a more concrete goal than just saying i need to “eat healthier.”

so happy 2013! what are your resolutions? let me know in the comments below!

what to expect

good afternoon everyone! i hope you had a lovely and relaxing thanksgiving. my boyfriend and i went to his family’s home in buffalo, ny to enjoy some bird. (and pie. lots of pie.) it snowed on our last night there! yikes. i’m glad to be home where it’s cold and crisp but not yet capable of snowy conditions. though it won’t be long…

on a different note, i spent one day earlier this week crafting til i could craft no more and i came up with some fun simple diy projects for holiday packaging and decor. i’m excited to share a couple posts with you over the month of december! woo hoo! get ready to wrap to your heart’s content. and also glitter. everywhere. forever.

this weekend i’m off to vegas!! it’ll be my first time there. cirque du soleil shows and delicious food will abound. any vegas restaurant recommendations?

photo taken at my boyfriend’s grandma’s house. she loves humphrey bogart!

i love…


i have loved instant photos for as long as i can remember. when i was a kid i used to have a big bulky polaroid camera. skip forward about a decade and now i have the fuji instax mini. i love it! it’s super fun for a quick snapshot when you want something more artful and memorable than a phone pic. even though i’ve had the camera for about two years i scanned in some of my shots for the first time yesterday!

the first three photos are from art-o-matic 2012, a crazy fun arts festival that happens every other year or so in the dc area. (artists of the sculptures unknown – if you happen to know, please notify me so i may properly credit their work!) the flowers are from olney theatre center, the beach photo is from my beloved jersey shore, and the last photo is me and two lovely ladies on the closing night of the cirkus theatre project.

do you have an instant camera? what’s your favorite subject to photograph?

rain in the city

it’s raining in dc this morning, and it is supposed to continue into the night. that definitely makes my soul happy. luckily i don’t have to go anywhere today, so the wonderful pit-pat-pit of the droplets can continue as today’s soundtrack. i might kick it up with some drowsy cafe music, but for now i’m content with just this.

i am selling my old digital camera with the goal of saving up for my first dslr. actually, all of my cameras have been either hand-me-downs or gifts, so this will be the first camera that i’ll buy for myself. very exciting. i am thinking about this one. what do you think?

photo by irina bolotova.