my name is leigh-ann, but if you’d prefer to use only one syllable, (it saves you time! it rhymes with more words!) i also answer to lei. i have a bfa in set design from unc school of the arts. currently i am the 2012-2013 scenic design fellow at the john f. kennedy center for the performing arts in washington, dc, where i design sets for local theaters and assist a well-known set designer on multiple projects happening locally and around the country. although i currently work in performing arts, art will always be my deepest passion: i’ve been drawing since i’ve been aware of my surroundings and could hold a pencil. as i grew older i gradually fostered a love for many facets of design — interiors, graphics, architecture, and more — and the world of theater. when i’m not working i can be found at home in my tiny apartment with my boyfriend, practicing photography with my dslr and my lomography diana f+, cooking, baking, and workin’ on my fitness!


becomingly is a space devoted to art, design, crafts/projects, photography, and more. i aim to share a combination of my own work, work of other talented artists, designers and crafters, and other things that i generally find wonderful and think you’ll like too! since this blog is quite new, i am still figuring out what works and what doesn’t – so here’s to a fun journey!


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