a new chapter


wow. i thought the craziness would be over by the beginning of last week…but it didn’t end. it finally cooled down last friday when my show opened! and now my fellowship is finished. so now what? well, in my last post i mentioned finding the perfect job…guess what? i got it! i’m going to be working as a display coordinator at anthropologie! i had dreamt of applying for this job for a few years (basically as soon as i realized it existed) and finally the perfectly timed opportunity presented itself to me. it couldn’t have worked out better. i start tomorrow and i seriously cannot believe it’s happening!

i plan to pick up with posting again now that i have a steady schedule. sorry for the haitus guys, i hope i haven’t lost too many readers! i missed you. :)

and by the way everybody, happy spring! although it feels like summer today in the district…


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