happy weekend!



hi everyone! are you glad it’s (almost) the weekend? i am. i’ve been sick all week with stomach flu, and if i haven’t been sleeping or resting i’ve been working on a rough design for a set that’s due today.

i have definitely neglected posting here this week, but that is not something i plan on continuing. i will be traveling on and off for the next three weeks though, so i’ve definitely got to think ahead! i’ve got a few changes in the works for the blog (maybe you’ve noticed the name change at the top? the url will change soon as well, so keep your eyes peeled for that — though i will definitely let you guys know) so stay tuned. in the meantime, i’ll try my best to get a recipe up sometime this weekend, though i have to admit i haven’t felt like cooking all week! it’s been chicken broth, saltines and applesauce for me, y’all.

anyway, valentine’s day was this week! jeff and i didn’t do anything that day because working at a theater all evening and i was working at home and/or bedridden. but we’re doing something awesome tomorrow: we are going splurge and make kraft mac & cheese and buy ingredients to make decadent ice cream sundaes — if my stomach permits, of course! and probably light candles, because we like candles. not ’cause it’s romantic or anything. psh. ew. :)

did you do anything fun and romantic for v-day? or did you avoid it like the plague? or did you nonchalantly carry on with your day without a care? let me know in the comments! and have a great weekend!

(images: jorey hurley and kate spade, editing and text done by me.)

4 thoughts on “happy weekend!

  1. Well my Jeff and I celebrated the day after,much eaiser that with work and all.
    Went to his nephews hockey game(it’s for the Mennen Cup) They won but have more to go before the cup.Then went out to dinner yeah no cooking for me. We had a great time and I hope your feeling better too, so you can enjoy your special night.

  2. I hope you are feeling better! We went out for dinner to a local restaurant. I dream of their Cuban pork sandwiches and keep trying to recreate them at home. I am getting closer! No gifts for us, we are saving for a trip to nyc, but I might spoil her with a new wallet still.

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