elsie larson’s project life


i saw this on a blog i frequently read called a beautiful mess and i just had to share this. elsie larson, who writes on the blog, started this fun endeavor called “project life.” it’s like scrapbooking made easy. i haven’t heard of it before, have you? it seems pretty cool!

20130213projectlife3i can really relate to elsie’s post on her own project. when i was in middle school i used to scrapbook a lot. i wasn’t a serious hobbyist, but it allowed me to hoard cool decorative paper and stickers (well, i still kinda do that) and then pleasingly arrange photos of me and my friends onto a page. but then one day i just had too much stuff, i got seriously backed up with the amount of photos i wanted to print and use, and it stopped fulfilling me. (oh yeah, and then i moved halfway across the country, from new jersey to minnesota, but that’s another story.)

20130213projectlife2the pre-sized photo pockets make layout decisions non-existent – you just print, compose, and assemble! i love how elsie combined complementary patterns and writing. it really makes her pages become a work of art without all the scrapbooky fuss. maybe scrapbooking isn’t a fuss, but that’s what it eventually became to me. however, this project has my head cocked with intrigue…maybe i’ll give this a try sometime.

how do you store and share your photographic memories? any diehard traditional scrapbooking fans out there?

One thought on “elsie larson’s project life

  1. Oh goodness, I just pulled my scrapbooking supplies out for a valentine making party. Too much stuff! I just learned about Project Life this week too and I think I’m going to give it a shot. It seems more in sync with my life now. I also looked at Smash books by K&Company, but I don’t like that the pages are so set in stone. I think Project Life looks like the perfect blend of simplicity and freedom. Let me know which set you choose!

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