art 6/52 – sparta fold v camera



sparta fold v – 8″ x11″, conté crayon on cardboard.

okay, so i guess we like cameras in this house! i own four functional cameras, my boyfriend has a digital camera (…somewhere), and we bought two vintage cameras just like this one at a flea market quite a while ago. i’m not sure if they work, although i suppose it would be possible to get them working. either way, they’re pretty cool! we like displaying them on a weird shelf that we have that sits just below our kitchen ceiling. we keep photographs and small pieces of art up there as well. as for the materials used, i saved these conté crayons from a drawing class i had in freshman year of college, but i’ve barely used them since the class. but i love how they look! i also keep pieces of cardboard to draw/paint/play on and of course i’ve barely experimented with them until now.

i’m happy with this little piece. it’s just a sketch but it was fun and relaxing to do.

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