this weekend: new york city ballet


hi everyone! did you have a nice weekend? i just got back from a quick trip to new jersey (my homeland) and the big apple. the main event of the weekend was seeing three wonderful pieces at the new york city ballet with a dear friend. the performances were: glass pieces (music by philip glass, choreography by jerome robbins), year of the rabbit (music by sufjan stevens, choreography by justin peck), and vienna waltzes (music by johann strauss jr., franz lehar, and richard strauss, choreography by george balanchine).

if you don’t already know, i am a HUGE sufjan stevens fan (actually the word “huge” doesn’t even begin to cover it), so when i found out that a ballet piece was being produced i jumped at the chance to see it. it is set to seven songs from an album called run rabbit run, which is music from sufjan’s electronica album enjoy your rabbit arranged for strings by a group called osso. i like the string version MUCH better — sorry suf — so i was delighted that that was the chosen music…although ballet set to the electronica version would be pretty interesting! i am also an enthusiastic fan of phllip glass, so seeing dance set to some of his music in the same performance was an added bonus!

i also spent the whole weekend away from the computer which was TOTALLY needed. i felt very relaxed. also, i got an awesomely large cupcake at crumbs bakery — which was ALSO TOTALLY needed. :)

i’ll be back tomorrow with a fun sketch!

image by paul kolnik, sourced here.

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