recipe 5/52 – asparagus ricotta pizza


if i ever want to make a recipe that i KNOW is going to be good, i immediately go to the well-known magazine real simple. i can’t complain about a single meal i’ve made using their recipes, and my favorite vegetarian chili hails from their pages. i’ve ripped out a number of pages to save for future meals, and their asparagus ricotta pizza is one of them.

surprise: honestly, i can’t say this was my favorite. although i love each ingredient individually, it wasn’t too memorable when put all together. in my opinion it was missing one vital thing: sauce. the recipe didn’t call for anything of the sort- just a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkling of salt and pepper. i’ve tried making pizza a few different times without sauce and i never seem to be satisfied…i guess i just love red sauce way too much! to remedy this disappointment my boyfriend suggested adding whole peeled tomatoes, and that did the trick. it added that trademark acidy tang. the topping of arugula drizzled with lemon juice did help in the flavor department…but i think next time i’ll add some red sauce.


but i can’t say it was BAD either. i mean, how tasty and fresh does that look? and my boyfriend made whole-wheat pizza dough from scratch. can’t go wrong there.

veredict: the recipe is a great base — elevate it with your own personal touches and enjoy some darn tootin’ good pizza! if you try it out, let me know what different ingredients you add!

4 thoughts on “recipe 5/52 – asparagus ricotta pizza

  1. Looks really tastey I think the tomatoes help. Try vodka sauce, shrimp.asparagus.fresh basil a little olive oil and choice of cheese-or cheeses.I used fresh mozz and provilone also tried goat cheese mixed with alittle ricotta and mozz. whole wheat crust the best! Good job Jeff,

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