recipe 4/52 – lemon raspberry cupcakes



hello there! i hope everyone had a great weekend. i turned a year older and with that, naturally, comes cupcakes. cake pops have kinda been my thing since i got a cake pop maker last christmas, but this year i wanted to kick it old school with a bite sized treat that uses real frosting instead of melted white chocolate. (although i can never complain about melted white chocolate.) plus i love picking out cute cupcake liners and figuring out how to coordinate the decoration. it’s the domestic girl in me…

i perused the internet for a while and ended up on martha stewart’s website…again, although the recipe was provided by the vanilla bake shop. these lemon raspberry cupcakes are simply wonderful. the cake part itself is a classic white vanilla cake with egg whites folded into the batter, giving the muffin top a pleasant sugary crunch. there’s a little gem hidden inside the cake though…a dollop of lemon curd! (i knew that i was meant to make these cupcakes when i saw the ingredients list and realized that i had bought lemon curd earlier this week on a whim) it makes for a delightfully surprising tang. the icing is homemade vanilla buttercream. it’s a bit horrific how much butter goes into these babies…but they’re an excellently decadent birthday treat. and the raspberry on top seals the deal.

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