recipe 3/52: giada’s spicy parmesan green beans and kale


yes, it’s another giada de laurentiis recipe. yes, i will try recipes from different sources…eventually. her cookbook is just so good! i can’t get enough.

what i like so much about this dish is that you don’t sacrifice flavor for healthfulness. this is packed with a CRAZY amount of goodness: crunchy green beans, meaty mushrooms, leafy kale, spicy red pepper flakes, chardonnay AND cheese. i mean, come on.

it’s a side dish so you’ll want to plan a main dish (i made a chicken recipe also from giada, which i will be sharing in a separate post on another day) to complement it. i think this would pair well with any meat, but mixing it with pasta might be a nice vegetarian option.

as delicious as it is, i wouldn’t plan to make this part of my weekly repertoire- it requires a lot of prep work! but if you’re having friends over for dinner or going to a potluck, i would definitely recommend this. your friends and your mouth will thank you.

you can find the recipe here.


One thought on “recipe 3/52: giada’s spicy parmesan green beans and kale

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