art 2/52: the show-off


i am proud to present the set i designed for the american century theater’s production of the show-off, written by george kelly and directed by stephen jarrett! it opens tonight at 8pm in arlington, va. this is a project to which i’ve been contributing a great deal of creativity and energy this past week. i started designing it back in september, and now that it’s open my commitment is finally over. i’m eager to get professional photographs of it so i can formally update my portfolio, but for now i’ve got this photo to show you. if you’re in the dc area, check out this amusing play – it performs until february 2.

(thanks to jonathan hudspeth for building it, joshua rosenblum for sourcing props, and to brooke robbins and jeffrey dorfman for helping me paint it)


2 thoughts on “art 2/52: the show-off

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