recipe 2/52: martha stewart’s banana nutmeg smoothie


so i got an ipad mini for christmas, and one of my favorite new apps is martha stewart’s “smoothies.” she also has recipe apps for cookies and cocktails — which i will certainly delve into at some point — but since this is the healthiest this is where we’re starting!

the recipe can also be found here on martha stewart’s official website, although the yield size is different. if you’ve got a smaller household and only want to make two servings, halve all of the ingredients listed but use two whole bananas.

this has been my go-to breakfast for the week. it takes 3 minutes to make and it’s very filling (especially if your boyfriend is at work and you have to drink the two servings on your own). two servings — which calculates to 336 calories — keeps me full until lunch time.

customizations to consider: i substituted almond milk (bought for another smoothie recipe, which was not quite as delicious) for the skim milk, and that was super yummy. get creative and try some other non-dairy milks! i also tend to use a little more ice in my smoothies, but that’s a personal preference.

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