recipe 1/52: giada’s hearty tomato soup

the recipe portion of my 52 weeks project is a product of a few things. one: obviously the desire to learn more recipes and to expand my repertoire. two: the realization that i own a handful of great cookbooks and i don’t use them very often. three: the fact that i have kept up a fitness routine for the better part of four months, and i want to complement it by cooking healthfully for myself. though i can’t promise that every recipe will be healthy…i love baking and cheese way too much…

anyway, onto the first recipe of the year!

out of the half dozen cookbooks i own, my favorite is giada de laurentiis’ giada’s kitchen: new italian favorites. i have like every other page flagged with a sticky note because everything sounds and looks DELICIOUS. i’ve made three or four recipes out of it (fig + cheese wontons, brie + pear paninis…oh my goodness) since i’ve owned it and it’s all been incredible. but i guess i should start tackling some of those sticky notes, huh?


which brings us to the hearty tomato soup with lemon and rosemary. check it out here! this was actually a very simple and quick recipe. since you only need to chop an onion and a couple carrots, there’s very little prep work. there was even less prep work for me because i forgot to buy carrots…whoops! honestly, i didn’t miss them. this soup already has so much wonderful flavor – it’s the tangy, zesty older sister of a classic tomato soup, complemented by the addition of red pepper flakes, rosemary and fresh lemon zest. bonus point: the red pepper flakes i used were produced by my boyfriend’s hot pepper plant.

i decided to forgo the whipped cream topping and instead make grilled cheese with homemade bread baked by my boyfriend. and the cheese is none other than kraft singles…cuz sometimes, you just gotta.

veredict: delicious, savory, spicy! great for a winter evening. i will definitely make this again. plus, it’s only 151 calories per serving and it’s filling! now there’s a combination that’s hard to find.

3 thoughts on “recipe 1/52: giada’s hearty tomato soup

  1. Amazing! You have a boyfriend that bakes bread?? He’s a keeper!
    The soup looks delicious, I will try it soon since it seems perfect for a night after a long day at work.

    • Yes, he loves baking bread and his newest thing is making homemade pasta. He’s the best! And the soup will be totally great for that – since it has to simmer for 30 minutes, it gives you enough time to take care of dishes and, dare I say, have a glass of wine while you wait for your delicious dinner! :)

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