52 weeks project: begin!

hey all! it’s the third day of 2013 – how are your resolutions going? are you kickin it into high gear? i hope so!

concerning my resolutions: i thought about them some more and i decided to kind of morph them into one entity. as i stated i am going to do a “52 weeks project,” but i’m going to expand it! along with 52 photos, i will also be doing 52 pieces of art and learning 52 new recipes – one each week. holy cow. what am i getting myself into? hopefully something wonderful!

i’d love to have some sort of theme for each week, but at first i’m just going to try to get into the habit of doing it. we’ll see where it goes. all right?


week 1: new beginnings.

we’re attempting to grow herbs on our windowsill in the winter. i know it’s kind of silly, but this little guy made it, didn’t he? the other ones we planted haven’t sprouted yet. maybe they won’t, and that’s okay. we’re just happy to see at least one make it!

for this mini photo shoot i was playing around with my macro +3 lens filter. i don’t quite have the money to afford a macro lens, so this’ll do until that day comes! the filter works pretty well. it doesn’t get ya quite as close as a macro lens would, but it makes a significant difference. (side note: i think i spy a piece of dust on my lens. whoops. gotta fix that!)

any winter gardening tips? we love fresh herbs! let me know in the comments below. :)

2 thoughts on “52 weeks project: begin!

    • Thanks! Yes, I know it’s a bit of an undertaking, and I’m sure I’ll have some flub-ups every now and then. But I think I can stick with it as long as I look at it as fun and leisurely instead of as an obligation. It’s also helpful knowing there are readers following along with my progress! ;)

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