last day of 2012. here we are. soon it’ll be 2013 – weird right? while i think and have always thought about my future a lot, i never really had a concrete thought past the idea of “2012.” i guess my biggest goal was to graduate from college. now that that’s done, i’ve gotta focus on whatever’s next. what’s next? i don’t know, but i’m excited to find out. i hope you all have some fun things ahead for you!

i have a couple new year resolutions. (actually i have more than i probably should, as i usually go crazy with this kind of thing – improvement! goals! ya know. i’m weird like that.) in the second half of 2012 i started running regularly and i’ve taken up photography…so in 2013 i want dive deeper into my new hobbies. i definitely want to run a 5k and i’m thinking of starting a “52 weeks” photography project. it’s kind of like the “365 project” except it’s only one photo a week…i know i’ll take more than one per week but i think that will be a less overwhelming goal for me. and now that i’ve started this blog, i really want to get it into high gear. i’d love to attend altitude design summit in january 2014. and of course most of us want to eat healthier…while i think i do an okay job of that already, i want to learn more healthy recipes. it’ll get me cooking more and i’ll discover new combinations and flavors along the way. plus, it’s a more concrete goal than just saying i need to “eat healthier.”

so happy 2013! what are your resolutions? let me know in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “twentythirteen

  1. HI, I came across your blog from Instagram #dsresolutions2013. I’m also planning 52 photos this year, all self portraits! I’m excited to keep up with your progress and I like the idea of one new recipe a week as well. I am a huge fan of Smitten Kitchen! Thanks for sharing, the space you have created here is cute!

    • Hi! Thank you so much for the nice comment! Hearing from someone already about my new adventure is giving me even more encouragement to stick to it. :) I spent all this morning planning out my first four weeks- adventures and posts coming soon! Good luck with yours- I will keep up with it! :)

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