i love… diana f+


look what i got in the mail this week! it’s the popular and very cute diana f+ from lomography. photography has kind of become my new hobby. as mentioned in an earlier post, i have always enjoyed photography but never really kept up the habit. but i’m trying to change that (to justify my newly purchased cameras – yes, that’s plural). i’ve taken the camera out for a spin already and i plan to finish my first roll today in old towne alexandria.

the camera itself is extremely lightweight and fun to handle. it is definitely designed to allow you to be creative. the mechanism doesn’t require that you wind the film after each exposure, so you’re free to take double or even triple exposures! some of the photos i’ve seen taken with this camera are really spectacular (check them out on lomography here) and i am eager to get my first roll developed. this is my first time using medium-format film as well. so excited!

any other photobugs reading this? what’s your favorite camera? any tips for this new-to-120-film girl?

One thought on “i love… diana f+

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