diy | paper doily christmas tree ornaments


have you ever had a totally random craft supply lay around for months or even years? but you hesitate throwing it out because it will probably be useful again…someday? yeah, i hear ya. we’ve all been there.

that’s the story behind these trees. i had a ton of paper doilies left over from this project (oy! talk about tedious maximus) and i wanted to figure out something fun and easy to make with them. i was making some paper doily flowers for bow replacements on my christmas presents, and i realized that the flower, when turned upside down, looked like the top of a christmas tree…hence, christmas trees to put on your christmas tree! genuine tree inception right here, people. craft away!


you’ll need:
paper doilies in different sizes (found at a craft store, dollar store, or chef supply store)
sparkle pom poms
thread and needle
glue dots
tacky glue


1. pinch the doilies in the center and scrunch them up. make them look like flowers. there’s no exact science to this – just be careful not to tear them.


2. layer the doilies on top of one another. start with the small doilies. apply a glue dot to the pinch point of one of the small doilies, and then stick it to the underside of the pinch point of another doily. make sure to apply ample pressure so it adheres. continue doing this until you want the tree to start to cone outwards – that’s when you’ll start with medium sized doilies. continue until you’re satisfied and then add the large doilies. i used about 5 small doilies, 4 medium doilies, and 2 large doilies to create my trees.


3. decorate the trees with the pom poms. (optional) this is the best part, obviously. stick em wherever you want – it’s your tree. note: if you plan on making a lot of trees, you’ll definitely need more than one bag of pom poms. i had enough pom poms for two trees, but decided to only decorate one.

4. thread the needle through the top of the tree and tie a knot. i doubled up my thread just to be safe.


and there ya go! decorate to your heart’s content.

do you have any fun alternatives to crafting with paper doilies? or another weird craft supply? let me know, i’d love to hear!

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