what to expect

good afternoon everyone! i hope you had a lovely and relaxing thanksgiving. my boyfriend and i went to his family’s home in buffalo, ny to enjoy some bird. (and pie. lots of pie.) it snowed on our last night there! yikes. i’m glad to be home where it’s cold and crisp but not yet capable of snowy conditions. though it won’t be long…

on a different note, i spent one day earlier this week crafting til i could craft no more and i came up with some fun simple diy projects for holiday packaging and decor. i’m excited to share a couple posts with you over the month of december! woo hoo! get ready to wrap to your heart’s content. and also glitter. everywhere. forever.

this weekend i’m off to vegas!! it’ll be my first time there. cirque du soleil shows and delicious food will abound. any vegas restaurant recommendations?

photo taken at my boyfriend’s grandma’s house. she loves humphrey bogart!

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