i love…


i have loved instant photos for as long as i can remember. when i was a kid i used to have a big bulky polaroid camera. skip forward about a decade and now i have the fuji instax mini. i love it! it’s super fun for a quick snapshot when you want something more artful and memorable than a phone pic. even though i’ve had the camera for about two years i scanned in some of my shots for the first time yesterday!

the first three photos are from art-o-matic 2012, a crazy fun arts festival that happens every other year or so in the dc area. (artists of the sculptures unknown – if you happen to know, please notify me so i may properly credit their work!) the flowers are from olney theatre center, the beach photo is from my beloved jersey shore, and the last photo is me and two lovely ladies on the closing night of the cirkus theatre project.

do you have an instant camera? what’s your favorite subject to photograph?

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