diy | cinnamon-scented pinecone garland

so it only took maybe two trips to whole foods before i broke down and bought a bag of the cinnamon scented pinecones they have piled up outside the front entrance. they smell AMAZING. i thought they’d be perfect for a holiday garland — an attractive decoration without taking up any table space- perfect for my super small apartment. you can customize this project however you’d like, of course.

twine, embroidery floss or string
rings (these are jewelry findings from the local craft store)

glue gun
hot glue
tiny nails
tack hammer or regular hammer
piece or cardboard, foamcore or other rigid rectangular object

1. plan the garland location and take measurements. i could tell you that you should measure the area where you want the garland to hang, do math, yadda yadda, but to be honest i didn’t do any of that when i started. i hadn’t made up my mind about where i wanted to hang it, so i cut a length of twine at about 10′ long and just started from there. if you want to be more precise about the measurements, feel free! just remember to add extra length to the measurement you take so it can be draped.

2. make tassels. i had 15 pine cones, and i wanted the garland to start and end with a pinecone, so i knew i needed 14 tassels. they are super easy to make. take the yarn and wrap it around the cardboard about 10-20 times. slide it off the cardboard, and then tie a small piece of yarn about 3/4″ down from both ends of the loop, making a “head.” you can trim the loose ends if you want. once the two ends are tied, take your scissors and cut the yarn right down the center…and then you have two tassels! do this 6 more times to get you a total of 14 tassels. (warning: this is an addicting activity, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself doing it for way longer than you intended.)

3. glue rings onto the tops of the pinecones. make sure to let the hot glue cure for a few minutes so the rings aren’t tempted to pop off!

4. lay out the whole garland on the floor. i spaced out the pinecones and tassels about every 4″. make sure to leave extra string on either end of the garland so it’s easy to tie it up.

5. tie pinecones and tassels onto the twine. you will have to thread the twine through each metal ring and yarn loop as you tie them, so the first few ties may be cumbersome. it’ll eventually get easier and faster, promise! a simple knot will do.

6. hammer nails into the wall. it’s up to you how many times you want the garland to drape! just remember that the more drapes you have, the more extra twine you will need!

7. hang the garland!

enjoy! i made this about 3 weeks ago and the scent is still strong. it’s so comforting every time i walk through the door. if you make one let me know!

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