custom portraits by jordan grace owens

i love portraits. i enjoy seeing how different artists and photographers interpret and depict a person. one of my recent favorite artists whose specialty is portraiture is jordan grace owens. i love her simple but charming style. i discovered her work last year at a quirky greensboro, nc shop called design archives and began collecting some of her prints and adorable magnets. then this may during my graduation my aunt surprised me with such a personal gift: a custom portrait! actually i was given three paintings: one of myself, one of myself when i was a kid (painted from a favorite polaroid of mine), and one of my dog, benny.

over the summer i decided i wanted to commission jordan to paint a matching portrait of my boyfriend. i received the final piece a few weeks ago- here they are together!

adorable, right?! and here they are over our bed. you can also see the portrait of benny in this photo, next to my portrait.

i am so happy with them- they make me smile every time i walk into our bedroom. if you’re looking for a special and original gift this holiday season for someone you love and don’t want to break the bank, consider a custom portrait! and be sure check out jordan’s etsy shop to see what else she’s creating.

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