hurricane sandy

well this week has been eventful to say the least. we were in the path of hurricane sandy, so we spent most of last weekend preparing for her arrival. we were fortunately spared damage and power loss. i cannot believe how lucky we were, and i am so grateful. however, the destruction widespread throughout new jersey, my home state, brings me nearly to tears. the precious new jersey shore…it will never be the same! and all the homes that were destroyed…it’s unreal. the destruction in new york, virginia, maryland, delaware and beyond is just as sad. my boyfriend and i know people who have lost their homes and, quite tragically, were killed by the storm. how awful. we are all at the mercy of mother nature…

sorry to be writing on such a grim note, but something like this definitely puts you in a different mindset. after the worst of it, i talked to friends i hadn’t spoken to in a while. i had to make sure everyone was all right, and many friends contacted me as well. it was so nice to hear from them.

i promise my next post will be on a much happier subject.

photo from this flickr stream.

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