good morning everyone. (everyone being my one…two readers? are you out there? hello!)

i know i haven’t quite kept up with posts but i am going to change that. i really haven’t found a direction yet, and i’m also doubting the name of my blog. but that’s expected i guess. what i have learned is that i am a creature of routine and schedule, and until i get into a groove with this blog i’ll have to create and stick to a weekly schedule.

until i figure THAT out, here’s what’s happening! i am currently in norfolk, va, assisting a set designer on a production of “fences” at virginia stage company. the scenery is gigantic!

like i said...giganticin-progress brick “buildings” stand tall while the designer and director discuss entrances from the stairs.

also, i discovered this gem in the prop shop:

i’m inspired to make my own. i’m almost not joking about that.

it has been a fun and educational trip. i’ll be returning to dc tomorrow to do some studio work and start on a couple projects of my own.

happy friday everyone…enjoy your weekend!


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