let’s begin, shall we?


well i’ve been sitting on this blog for months gathering ideas, brainstorming, learning the technical side, and really just ruminating. i’ve been hesitant to start because i really don’t know where to start, and as a result i’ve put it off. well poo on that idea. i’m just going to start, and we’ll see where it goes.

my hopes for this blog? i don’t really know right now. it’s definitely going to start out as a personal blog as i document the first chapter of my life post-college. i think the best option is to let the direction evolve on its own.

a little more about me: i graduated from college in may with a bfa in theatrical set design. woo hoo! immediately following graduation i moved to the washington, dc area and i’m soon starting a 9-month fellowship. can’t wait! i was out of town for 6 weeks and just returned two days ago, so i’m getting reacquainted with the city even though i was barely acquainted with it in the first place. :) so here’s to exploring and adventures and lots of new things!

i know i probably have two readers right now, but is anyone from dc? any cool recommendations out and about in the city? (or in maryland or north va!)

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