hey all,

i will be on hiatus until further notice. it’s nothing bad; it’s just that when i started this blog back in january my life was very different. i am adjusting to my new (awesome) job and new lifestyle, and what i was doing for this blog isn’t the type of creative fulfillment i need anymore. thing is, i don’t know what my next publicly creative thing will be, and that’s why i’m taking a break. on top of all that, i’ll be moving in the next month to another apartment. i just want to focus on other things for now. thanks for being so supportive of my blogging thus far, and maybe i’ll be back soon!




a new chapter


wow. i thought the craziness would be over by the beginning of last week…but it didn’t end. it finally cooled down last friday when my show opened! and now my fellowship is finished. so now what? well, in my last post i mentioned finding the perfect job…guess what? i got it! i’m going to be working as a display coordinator at anthropologie! i had dreamt of applying for this job for a few years (basically as soon as i realized it existed) and finally the perfectly timed opportunity presented itself to me. it couldn’t have worked out better. i start tomorrow and i seriously cannot believe it’s happening!

i plan to pick up with posting again now that i have a steady schedule. sorry for the haitus guys, i hope i haven’t lost too many readers! i missed you. :)

and by the way everybody, happy spring! although it feels like summer today in the district…



yikes! i feel like i am neglecting this little blog over here. truth be told, i’ve been working everyday since last friday, and i’m working right through the weekend into monday evening. next tuesday might offer me a little relief – maybe. but the good thing about it is starting saturday the work is all for my second dc-area show, which i can’t wait to share with you guys!

since my fellowship at the kennedy center is almost over (ten days!!) i am also in the process of applying to some jobs. i found one that is PERFECT and i am so excited about it (seriously, i am in an outrageously great mood this morning – the painting above perfectly describes what’s going on in my brain)- i hope it works out!

(image: painting by morgan blair. her work is beautiful, check it out!)

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recipe 9/52 – whole wheat chicken pot pie with kale


yes, i’m definitely back on track with posts this week. in celebration of pi day (3/14) i made chicken pot pie! well if we’re being honest here, i had acknowledged pi day earlier in the week but i didn’t deliberately make pie on pi day…it was a random coincidence! i only realized it after our landlords shared some berry pie with us. (yes, my landlords are awesome.)

i found this recipe in the most recent copy of anthology, but it’s originally from the yellow table. i really love getting anthology in the mail – it is truly a delight when a copy arrives. i only wish it happened more than four times a year.

anyway, onto the pie: i chose this recipe mostly because 1) it’s a tiny version of something, and everyone should know by now that i love miniatures, 2) it looked pretty darn delicious in the photographs, and 3) i have been looking for an excuse to buy ramekins. the prep wasn’t too difficult. i made the simple buttery whole wheat crust the night before to lessen prep time on meal day. i also picked up a rotisserie chicken from whole foods instead of cooking the chicken from scratch, and that saved a lot of time. now i’m inspired to try other types of pie in this form. imagine blueberry pie made like this, and then once out of the oven you poke a hole in the crust and drop in a scoop of vanilla ice cream. HELLO.

i think this would be a great meal for a small (or large!) group of friends. i guess it depends on how many ramekins you have…friends, beware! hah, i’m just kidding. but on a serious note, i can’t get over the cute muffin-top crusts. now i want to cover everything i eat with a thin layer of crust and bake it to perfection.

art 9 + 10/52 – my travel sketchbook

whew. ok guys, for real. i’m back. all my traveling is finished and i’m settled back into the district. i definitely did not plan ahead as much as i needed to, so i apologize for the lack of posts. but here’s a new art post that covers two weeks…my travel sketchbook! i have never really done anything like this, but on my first evening in portland i bought a new sketchbook and on a whim decided that i was going to draw out my experience each day. this endeavor was very successful in portland, less so in cincinnati — but it was still great fun. i only filled up half the book, so i think i’ll keep it handy for my future trips and continue my little ritual.

here are some of the pages!

52art-week11-pdx1i got this silly donna wilson cat at woonwinkel. i first heard about that shop on designlovefest and was so happy to be able to visit! and this day was a huge food day: food trucks, bubble tea (which was more like a bubble smoothie! amazing), ice cream from salt & straw, and dinner at clyde common. ohhhhhh clyde common. words for you to mull over in your head: chèvre rice pudding with butter fried carrot cake.


i visited this wonderful little shop called flora. they offered me tea there, which was totally needed on a chilly grey day.


my good friend and college roommate corinne drove up to portland from ashland for two days and we visited voodoo doughnuts for the first time. and it is all it’s cracked up to be. my favorite was definitely “captain my captain” (pictured above): doughnut with vanilla frosting topped with cap’n crunch cereal.


i met an interesting lady one afternoon while waiting for the trolley. well, more accurately: she talked at me nonstop for the seven minutes i was waiting for the trolley.52art-week11-pdx5

to all book lovers: stop whatever you’re doing and get your butt to powell’s. you will not regret it. four floors of books (and this is just one building – there are four locations total), extremely well organized, great selection, normal prices. tons of gems hidden on many shelves. on a scale of one to five stars, i would give it a nine.


cincinnati: i only drew one day. whoops. mostly because i’d be so dead tired by the end of the day that i didn’t have any energy to draw. regardless: goetta. if you haven’t tried it you must find a way! it’s a german-inspired sausage local to cincinnati made of pork and steel cut oats. sounds weird, but it’s totally delicious. i tried it at taste of belgium, where i ended up eating breakfast four times.

travel frenzy!


Hi everyone! The lack of posts may be telling- I’m having a pretty great time traveling around! I was in Portland, OR for nine days and experienced some amazing food, places and people. It’s a great city- I’ll post some pictures soon! Now I’m in Cincinnati for a week. I’ve been quite busy working on these trips as well as staying on top of my own design work. Designs for my own show were due while I was in Portland, so if I wasn’t in the theater working on tech or exploring the city, I was drafting. It was my first time designing on the road and I learned a lot from the experience.

Now that all my designs have been turned in I plan to get back to regular posting. I have an art post planned, I just need to photograph it. I started a fun little project while I was in Portland and I plan on continuing it in Cincinnati- you’ll see soon. :)

Oh yeah, and that picture above is from me at the famous Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland. It’s a must-visit if you’re ever in Portland. It lives up to the hype!

recipe 8/52: jeff’s drunken noodles


i have a treat for you all! this week i’ve got a recipe made by my boyfriend, jeff! he’s a devoted lover of anything spicy, which usually doesn’t mesh well with my taste buds – i’m very sensitive to spicy food. but since i’ve known him he’s helped me build up a tolerance to some mildly spicy dishes. what can i say? i grew up on polish and italian food. spicy sausage was as far as i’d go up until a few years ago.

lately jeff’s been on a thai food kick, specifically drunken noodles (pad kee mao). he tried out a few variations until he found a combination he liked. and he toned the spice factor WAY down for me. (the first incarnation he cooked had TWELVE thai chiles in it, and he downright TOLD me NOT to eat it.) so this recipe below is for those of us with sensitive palettes. feel free to add more thai chiles based on how spicy you like your food, though even jeff recommends not adding twelve thai chiles. ;)

jeff’s drunken noodles: (adapted from epicurious, makes 4-6 servings)


  • 2 14-ounce packages of 1/4-inch-wide flat rice noodles
  • 1/4 cup hot pepper infused olive oil (we did this ourselves a while ago- you can just use regular olive oil)
  • 12 garlic cloves, chopped
  • 1 thai chile
  • 1/2 pound beef bottom round, cut into strips
  • 1/4 cup fish sauce (nam pla or nuoc nam)
  • 1/4 cup soy sauce
  • 1/4 cup golden mountain sauce (might also be called thai sauce)
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 4 large plum tomatoes, each cut into 6 wedges
  • 1 cubanelle pepper or 1 green bell pepper, cut into strips
  • 1 red bell pepper, cut into strips
  • 1/2 cup romaine or basil leaves


  • medium pot
  • large wok
  • wooden spoon


1. cook the noodles in a pot of boiling water until tender but firm, stirring frequently. drain.

2. with all your ingredients prepared and ready to go, heat oil over medium heat.

3. add garlic and thai chile(s) and sauté for 30 seconds, until fragrant. add beef, all three sauces and sugar and sauté until the beef is cooked through, about 5 minutes. add cooked noodles, tomatoes and peppers until just warmed.

4. on individual plates, lay down a bed of romaine or basil. transfer individual servings of the mixture on top of the bed of greens and serve.

recipe 7/52 – giada’s chicken scaloppine with saffron cream sauce


hey all! today i’m sharing with you another delicious giada de laurentiis recipe. seriously, that girl knows what’s goin’ on. here we’ve got chicken scallopine with saffron cream sauce. sounds fancy, right? it’s actually really easy – cook chicken in olive oil, and then transfer it to a plate to keep warm while you make the sauce.

the sauce consists of just combining things in a sauté pan and letting them simmer. after about 20 minutes, you magically have an amazing sauce to serve with your chicken. best thing of all: you probably have most of the ingredients in your pantry already, save for the saffron threads. (though you might be surprised – i discovered saffron threads hiding in the back of our spice cabinet!) they can be expensive, but they’re worth the cost if you know you’re going to use them.

i paired this rich and decadent dish with giada’s spicy parmesan green beans and kale. it’s a colorful meal filled with much variety. the chicken can be whipped up within a half hour, so even if you don’t want to take the time to prepare the green beans, just steam some broccoli and you’ve still got an awesome meal! you’ll have barely spent 30 minutes cooking and those you share this meal with will be wondering just how you made this so tasty. it’s all in the sauce, friends.

art 8/52 – off to portland!


as you read this, i am on an airplane to the city of roses! it’s been a dream of mine for the past couple of years to go to oregon, specifically portland. maybe it’s cliche, but it just seems like such an interesting a weird place. that’s a good thing! i like and relate to weird. we’ll see if it lives up to my expectations. :)

i’m actually heading there on business – i’ll be assisting a dc-area set designer (just like i did here) during tech week of one of his regional shows. we’ll be shut away in the theater for quite a bit of time, but on my downtime i’m going to see as many different places as i can. i want to experience all the food and shops and just soak it all in. and hello, i am NOT leaving without stopping by voodoo doughnuts. at least once.

and as for this bike? well, portland is one of the nation’s most bike-friendly cities. and can you tell i’m itching for spring? mother earth, bring me flowers!

have you ever been to portland? i’m going to spend most of my time in the northwest part of downtown, right around burnside. any recommendations? i’ll try to add them to my itinerary!

design on presidents’ day


happy monday! in honor of presidents’ day, here is some president-themed design. meg jannott started the branding the presidents of the united states project as a way to create personal quick studies for herself, and they’ve turned into little works of art. she’s hoping to get through all 44 presidents. you can see the rest and follow her project here.





all images: meg jannott.